Infinity – December New Releases

Corvus Belli have announced five awesome new release products this month, with heaps of great new miniatures to round out player’s collections.

First off the bat is The Unknown Ranger for the Ariadna Faction. This model is aimed at anyone who missed out on the exclusive model offered at GenCon earlier this year. This guy should fit neatly into any USAriadna army, in particular as an add on to either the Ranger Force or Army Pack box sets for that sectorial force.

The Unknown Ranger – Ariadna

Flying the flag for Yu Jing Army is the new Hsien Warrior Equipped with a Multispectral Visor L2 and multi rifle. This single unit provides an excellent option for hunting down your opponents’ camouflaged troopers. Current plays should find he fits nicely with the Imperial Service Sectorial Starter Pack.

Hsien Warrior – Yu Jing

Hackers are one of those things that makes Infinity such an interesting game and players of the Haqqislam faction should find the new Murabid Tuaregs model fitting that role perfectly for them. Offering a great deal of versatility by combining Infiltration and TO Camouflage special skills with his Hacking Device, the Murabid Hacker should prove a lethal option for fans of this faction.

Murabid Tuaregs – Haqqislam

Not ones to stand still, Corvus Belli are also releasing a brand new version of their popular Bakunin Jurisdictional Command pack for Nomads. Just as awesome in the game as they ever were, the six included models have been tweaked from the original set to better suit the changes in the game since that initial release. A great option to start our with the Bakunin Jurisdictional Command Sectorial Army.

Bakunin Jurisdictional Command – Nomads

Rounding out the releases is the new Posthumans, 2G Proxies box set for the Aleph faction. Containing four wonderful looking miniatures showing off the second generation of these well established troop types. The box set allows two different options for the Mk.4 Proxy and the Mk.5, players should find this set fitting in well with their existing Posthumans forces.

Posthumans, 2G Proxies – Aleph

Plenty to be excited about coming up! All of these models are available for Pre-Order and set for release in early January.

Are you excited about these new releases? Let us know in the comments below!

Product photography provided by Corvus Belli S.L.L., All rights reserved.

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