A Formal Introduction

Welcome to The Combat Chronicle.

Our Motivation

The Combat Company has been around for a while now, delivering miniatures, scenery, accessories and hobby supplies to customers all around the country and even abroad. What started as a small one-man-and-a-box-of-bits operation quickly exploded into one of the largest ranges of tabletop Wargaming supplies in the country. It’s been such an exciting journey for us and we’re always striving to move forward.

Starting by simply adding more diverse product ranges, to then attending a wide variety tournaments and conventions, the ball kept rolling. More recently, we opened our first full scale warehouse and retail outlet and launched a brand new website. Determined not to stand still, we’ve always aimed to push boundaries and keep doing the very best we can in order to offer the best possible range and service to all of our existing, new and future customers. A big part of what makes Wargaming so special is the community. We’ve met and rolled dice alongside such a wide range of fantastic people over the years and the level of enthusiasm for this little hobby of ours never ceases to amaze us. It is this enthusiasm which has inspired us to create this blog, hoping it will give us a perfect avenue to give back to the community which has supported us for so long.


The Boss Lady celebrating one of our first trade stands


The Aim

The purpose of this blog will be to provide our customers and the Wargaming community at large with not only information about the latest exciting new releases and rumours, but also a whole host of informative articles regarding all aspects of this fabulous hobby we’re all engaged in. We’ll be looking to bring you tutorials for painting and modelling techniques, battle reports, reviews and previews from all manner of new and old wargames. In addition, we’ll also be bringing you news and information about the community, covering events and tournaments running all over the country.

This is part of a larger initiative on our part to provide the best possible service to all wargamers around the country. Many of you follow us on Facebook already, but we’ll also be leveraging other social media services including Twitter and our newly founded Instagram account. The overall goal is to not just provide you all with helpful information, but also to allow you to have more of a voice and provide us with feedback. Is there a new game you’ve seen on the horizon? Played something at some little games bunker in the middle of nowhere? Tell us about it on Twitter. Painted an awesome miniature with some cool new product? Share it with us on Instagram. Starting a tournament or running a demo games day at your friendly local game store? Let us know and we’ll give you a shout out here on the blog. We’re hoping to make this little corner of the internet one of the best places for wargamers from around Australia and New Zealand to come and engage with the hobby.


Who said Wargaming was small?


How can you help?

We don’t just want this to be a place where we show you information about new products or highlight only the things that interest us. We also want help from you fine people out there. We’ll soon be putting the word out for anyone who wishes to submit some blog worthy content, whether it be a painting guide, review, tournament announcement or even just an opinion piece. We’d love to hear any ideas you have, you don’t have to be an amazing writer, just having a keen interest and positive attitude towards the hobby is all that is required.

We’ll be publishing an official set of guidelines in the near future but if you’ve got a burning idea now, send it through for our consideration here:

Or just shoot us an e-mail here: media@thecombatcompany.com.au

So keep an eye on this space, follow us here on the blog, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and have a great holidays.

We’ll see you in 2017.


2 thoughts on “A Formal Introduction

  1. Looking forward to all this! You’ve really pushed yourself and the business and I always take the effort to keep buying from you since service and knowledge is brilliant.


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