AK Interactive – Dioramas and Scenics Range

We’re big fans of AK Interactive here, arriving fairly recently on the tabletop wargaming scene, they’ve proven to have an amazing commitment to bringing some of the more advanced modelling and painting techniques to wargamers.

Most recently, they’ve launched a new range of products focused on helping people created wonderful looking dioramas and scenery. For us wargamers, this means plenty of options for fleshing out your tables, bases and terrain.


The range features a variety of different transparent and coloured gels along with other mediums, perfect to create everything from puddles of still murky water to large scale ocean tables. The ease of use is the main appeal here, allowing you to create heaps of different effects with very little hassle. The gels are acrylic and allow you to easily create and sculpt things like waves and fast moving water. The Still Water and Puddle mediums are well suited to smaller scale effects and shallow bodies of water such as…well puddles! Rounding out the range is the  Resin Water, a 2 Part Epoxy which promises no bubbles or shrinkage, a great option for those looking to make large bodies of water like lakes and rivers or even entire tables!


If you prefer your models to be a little more grounded then the range also features a huge variety of texture products, featuring nicely sized tubs full of different acrylic pastes. Not content with offering one texture in a variety of colours, the range of products here focuses on realistically modelling everything from snow and ice through to rough dirt and asphalt. Complimenting these are some awesome little acrylic ‘effect’ pastes, ranging from wet earth effects to dust and corrosion. Those familiar with AK Interactive’s existing range of enamel products should find these offer quite similar results – but with the added benefits and ease of use that acrylic products can offer.

As a bonus,  they’ve also released a brand new book in their famous “FAQ” series. This phonebook sized tome is set to provide readers with plenty of tutorials and real life practical examples of how to use these products. Don’t let the focus on Dioramas fool you – this book should have plenty of great hints and tips for modellers and gamers of all skill levels.


We’re really eager to give these products a go ourselves so keep an eye out for an upcoming feature on some of them. Until then, have a good look at the range yourself.

Images provided by AK Interative


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