Bushido – February New Releases

GCT Studios have hit the ground running this year with some awesome looking new releases for their ever popular Bushido range set to release next month.

This latest batch features two new models for the new Jung Pirates faction, starting with Duri. A legend amongst the Jung and a capable ranged unit, he comes equipped with two pistols and promises to be a threat to both nimble monks and heavily armour samurai.

Jung Pirates – Duri

Next up for the dastardly pirates is Temo. Providing yet another ranged unit for the faction, Temo looks set to offer more tactical options to players – rather than just brute force. Equipped with a distinct blowpipe his primary function is to affect the status of other models. Equally able to induce anything from fear to rage in his opponents, he  certainly looks to be a unit you’d best not underestimate.

Jung Pirates – Temo

Getting some more love this wave are the Kage Kaze, players of this elite ninja faction should look forward to adding Wamu to their ranks. A swift and nimble novice assassin, she is an excellent addition to the already brutal array of deadly ninjas offered by this faction.

Kage Kaze – Wamu

The Tengu will be receiving an interesting addition next month, in the form of the Convocation of Eagles miniature. Acting as the eyes and ears of the Tengu, this fast moving model offers some great options on the tabletop for players. Don’t let their simple nature deceive you however, with beaks as sharp as steel and highly coordinated attacks, this great looking model looks set to be to a force to be reckoned with.

Tengu Descension – Convocation of Eagles

It’s not all about the newer factions in February, with the indomitable Temple of Ro-Kan receiving a snappy looking new addition in the form of Kuma. This imposing panda strikes hard and fast with either his Bo staff or claws. He looks to be a great centre point for players choosing their force, promising to be both hard to pin down or outnumber. Tales even tell of his ability to reach into and command the ground itself to hold opponents at bay!

Ro-Kan – Kuma

Definitely a great start to the year, we look forward to seeing more new stuff from GCT in throughout 2017. All of these models are available for Pre-Order and set for release in February.

Are you excited about these new releases? Eager for one model or all of them in particular? Let us know in the comments below!

Product photography provided by GCT Studios. All rights reserved.

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