Warzone – February New Releases

Awesome new releases on the way for Warzone 2.0 next month, adding some new models for three separate factions as Prodos Games pushes forward with expanding on the new rules for this well established game.

First off is the Headhunters box set, providing three Unicast miniatures in great looking poses, for the Imperial Faction. This set also includes terrain bases to help the models stand out and save you time searching for custom bases elsewhere. For those that are not familiar with the range, these Unicast models are all on piece and require no assembly – saving valuable painting and gaming time.

Imperial – Headhunters

Adding to the Mishima next month will be the Shadow Walkers box set, with four Unicast miniatures and accompanying terrain bases. This stealthy unit is sure to be a valuable addition to anyone collecting this faction and looking for an alternative to brute force attacks. Very impressive poses are a big feature here, especially with the lack of assembly required.

Mishima – Shadow Walkers

Finally we’ve got the PL-99 Strike Skimmer for the Bauhaus megacorp. At over 100mm long and finely detailed, this semi-aquatic death machine looks set to impress both on and off the table. Unlike the other products featured this month, this crude skimmer is made out of a detailed resin, sacrificing the ease of assembly offered by Unicast in order to achieve a higher standard of detail. We’re pretty sure nobody will mind the extra bit of grunt work – the finished model is definitely an impressive sight.

Bauhaus – PL-99 Strike Skimmer

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Thoughts or opinions on these latest additions? Let us know in the comments below!

Product images provided by Prodos Games LTD. All rights reserved.


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