Through the Breach – 2nd Edition Announced!

Big news from Wyrd. Through the Breach, their popular role playing spin off for Malifaux, is expanding into a new edition!

After three years on the market they’ve decided it’s time for an update and a refresh. The new edition so far looks very promising with Wyrd stating;

“We’ve cleaned up the mechanics, improved the original Pursuits, rebalanced the magic system, adjusted weapon stats, and added some new mechanics to help balance out encounters between Fated characters and their many adversaries.”

What’s more, they’ve also helped reduce the payload by combining the Fated Almanac and Fatemaster’s Almanac into a single hardcover book now called “Core Rules”. This hefty tome comes it at over four-hundred pages! Including a heavily expanded section detailing the history and background of the Malifaux universe like never before. Not content to stop there either, the book will also detail more recent events, including the ongoing Guild and Union struggle, and the appearance of the Burning Man on Earth!


It’s not all history either, with the new book now including an expanded the bestiary to cover a wide variety of encounters from each of the various Malifaux factions.

Committed to ensuring long-time customers are rewarded, Wyrd have also taken great strides to ensure that the edition change doesn’t mean a significant dent in you or your Fatemaster’s pockets. According to them, all previous expansion materials (Into the Steam, Under Quarantine, Into the Bayou, Penny Dreadful)  will remain compatible with the new edition. This is great news for current players who have already purchased those books as they can continue to use them with the second edition. Even better? Wyrd have stated that these books will continue to be expanded upon in the future as well.

“…this compatibility ensures that players who don’t pick up the Core Rules can still use our future second edition products in their first edition games. We’re confident that the second edition rules are a marked improvement over first edition, but if players want to stick with first edition, that’s fine, too!”

This is really great news to hear and something not often seen in the roleplaying sector, we’re big supporters of this move and we think all you players out there will be too.


Players looking to get their first glimpse of the new rules will be able to do so when Wyrd launches their 2017 Worldwide Through the Breach Event: A Stitch in Time next month. A four-part adventure series which will provide players a small preview of the new changed rules, pursuits and mechanics.

Apparently they’ve even got some prizes lined up for players who participate, including in-game story benefits for the most played faction and chances for participating players to win copies of the Core Rules!

Set to release in Q3 2017, we’ll keep you up to date with more news on pricing and availability as it comes in. More news soon!

(24/01/17) Update – Wyrd have just provided a few more details on their official website: Click here to find out more!

Images and quotes provided by Wyrd Miniatures, LLC., All rights reserved.

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