Infinity – February New Releases

More great stuff from Corvus Belli is on the way next month, with five new releases for a few of the popular factions, including a brand new starter set for Haqqislam!

PanOceania – Order Sergeants

PanOceania is receiving a new unit box full of great light infantry options for the Military Order Sectorial Army. Inside the Order Sergeants box you’ll find four miniatures: three Order Sergeants, with options allowing one with a Combi Rifle, a Hacker and one with a Heavy Rocket Launcher. Accopanying them and rounding out the box set is an Auxbot. A great package which looks like it will  complement the Military Order Sectorial Starter Pack very well.

Yu Jing – Guijia Pilot

With the announcement of the new TAGLINE tournament rules, TAG Pilots finally have a solid place on the tabletop. The Guijia Pilot for Yu Jing represents a high level of specialised training, well suited to accomplishing objectives deep in enemy territory. Players of this faction should find the included TAG profile really provides some great tactical options in play.

Haqqislam – Starter Pack

New Starter Sets are always a great addition to the game, and the six miniatures included in this new offering for Haqqislam are sure to impress players both new and old. The keen-eyed among you will notice that these are the same models included in the popular Red Veil box set, now available separately. Possibly the best choice to start collecting a Haqqislam army, with all core units for a wide variety of army lists. The box includes three Ghulams with Rifles, the Super-Jump capable Khawarij, a Tuareg with Sniper Rifle, and finally a Veteran Marksman Zhayedan.

Combined Army – Raicho Pilot & Scindron Ancillary Remote Unit

Just like Yu Jing, the Combined Army will also be receiving a dedicated TAG pilot box set in this next wave of releases. The Raicho Pilot & Scindron Ancillary Remote Unit includes two miniatures: a Raicho Armored Brigada TAG Pilot and a Scindron, the Remote Pilot for the Shasvastii Armored Corps Sphinx. Again, just another great option for those looking to make the most out of the newly released TAGLINE rules.

Mercenaries – Miranda Ashcroft, Authorized Bounty Hunter

Rounding it all out is Miranda Ashcroft, famous bounty hunter for the Mercenaries faction. Previously only available to those who Pre-Ordered the excellent Infinity Artbook One a while back, this great miniature is now available to the general public. Armed with a Combi-Rifle and able to be added to any Human Army, this wonderfully sculpted model is sure to be a great asset to many Infinity Players.

Great options all around. Keep an eye out for Pre-Orders soon as we await the arrival of this next batch of awesome from Corvus Belli, set to arrive in late February. Let us know what you think about some of these new additions in the comments below.

Images Provided by Corvus Belli S.L.L., All rights reserved.

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