Bulletin – Infinity Cancon Event Report

We like to share awesome content when we see it. Check out this excellent run down of one players experience at the Infinity tournament last weekend at Cancon. Running a USAriadna force, blogger “Derfeonidas” recounts his experience with plenty of photos and detailed informationย on his blog Behold the Omega. Check out this excerpt:

“…The PanO counter attack killed Van Zant (Jotum’ed) and the Seraph (even with limited orders) shot every single one of my specialists in the midfield off their antennas. However, bringing it forward meant I could suicide charge one of my Desperadoes into it- and this time the dual assault pistols paid dividends- knocking the Seraph out cold!

The Blackjack instantly rounded the corner to finish off the TAG and even challenged the Jotum (in cover). Needless to say, the rounds bounced off repeatedly and I finally gave up and moved the Blackjack back into total cover. Finally, the ARM dice bombed for the Jotum and two wounds were inflicted!…”

You can read the full article here



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