Micro Art Studio – February New Releases

Micro Art Studio has a few interesting products lined up for releases in the near future. Expending their range into a few new avenues and strengthening the hold on what they’ve become known for.

Infinity is definitely a range well supported by the folks over in Poland and they’ll be expanding on the bases they make specifically for use with that game. A new set of base styles themed around the Corregidor sectoral faction are set to be released, featuring small pavement sections alongside a fine hex grating. Existing base themes like Tech will also be receiving a new 70mm base size with more to be added as the months go on

New Circular Ruler!

The expansion into other game systems begins with Bolt Action, starting with two new items specifically made for the latest edition of the ever popular WWII miniatures game. If you’re familiar with the excellent templates these guys already do then the new Circular Ruler shouldn’t disappoint. Featuring firing arcs and blast templates all in a single template that allows players to check crucial dimensions easily. This new template should be a practical addition for both Bolt Action players and wargamers in general.


Brick Walls Set

The templates are followed up with an awesome looking set of brick walls you can use as scatter terrain on your tabletop. Made from their famous highly detailed resin, this nine piece set offers plenty of options for creating interesting tactical options on the board. While obviously designed with Bolt Action in mind, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see these in games like Warmachine, Batman or even Infinity with the right paint treatment.

Star Wars: Destiny Token Set

The newly released Star Wars: Destiny card game has proven immensely popular and Micro Art Studio have definitely been paying attention, releasing a thirty piece set of tokens to complement your games. Made from high quality coloured acrylic, this set of tokens should help you stand out and are a massive improvement in longevity compared to basic cardboard tokens.

Heaps of cool stuff on the way as you can see! You can check out some of these items at The Combat Company now and even place an order!

Images provided by Micro Art Studio. All Rights Reserved.

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