Spartan Games – New Releases

Spartan Games is continuing to offer some fantastic new products for their existing ranges in the coming months, with a fair bit of love going to the Dystopian Wars range. They’ve also announced some releases for both Firestorm Armada and their latest game; Halo: Ground Command. All due to arrive very soon! Check out the details below.

The big ticket item for this next wave is the new 2 player starter set for Dystopian Wars. Named The Corsican Incident, this set aims to offer a new way for two players interested in this long running game to get started with it. Featuring all the usual trimmings including a rule book, campaign guide, tokens, templates, terrain and more. This set is the first to offer miniatures from outside the core nations in a starter set, with the League of Italian States and Black Wolf Mercenaries taking centre stage this time.

The Corsican Incident – 2 Player Starter Set

The usual high standard of miniatures is being offered, with a total of twenty-five models across the opposing factions. We think even long time players will find something worthwhile in this set, providing not only a great way to get started but also a cost effective method to bolster some of your existing fleets with allied factions.

Players of  the Russian, French and Antarctica factions won’t be disappointed either, with each faction receiving their own version of the new modular battleships which premiered late last year. Allowing gamers to assemble both the Mk.I and Mk.II versions of these battleships, it’s a great way to give players more options without having to worry about releasing each model individually. The savvy modellers out there will also want to take advantage of just how magnet friendly these modular sets are, allowing you to essentially get two ships for the price of one!

Fans of the Halo universe have two new releases to look forward to as well, with each faction receiving a new blister pack of specialist infantry. The UNSC will be adding the infamous Helljumpers – known officially as the ODST – to their ranks, offering rapid movement and allowing players to press the advantage on their opponents. To combat this new threat Covenant players will be able to add a unit of Elite Ultras to their forces. These veterans, armed with devastating concussion rifles and able to deploy from orbit, should prove an intimidating foe. This set includes a highly detailed resin Insertion Pod Scatter Template and both blisters come with an optional officer upgrade for maximum versatility.

Firestorm Armada – Daedalus Space Station

Rounding out the latest batch of products on offer will be the Daedalus Space Station terrain piece. Designed for Firestorm Armada, this massive objective terrain piece should feel right at home in almost any space themed fleet game. The included station model is made of their famous resin and some acrylic parts. It sits on a rather sizeable 100x100mm base and if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also find three Fold Space Beacons with included stands as well.

Lots of exciting stuff in there and Spartan is promising plenty more to come. With the success of their recent Kickstarter focused on Dystopian Wars and a renewed focus on the background and story across their entire catalogue, things are certainly looking exciting for Spartan Games in 2017. Pre-Orders are already available for these products for those interested.

Images and Details provided by Spartan Games. All rights reserved.

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