Privateer Press – February New Releases

There’s plenty of awesome stuff on the way from Privateer Press later this month. The main focus is on the Circle Orboros faction for Hordes, in particular the newly updated forces book. Trollbloods are getting a bit of love too alongside some Mercenaries for the Warmachine players.

Forces of Hordes: Circle Orboros Command

We’ll start with the new Forces of Hordes: Circle Orboros Command book. Available in both hardcover for the serious collectors and softcover for those just looking for the content within. This updated manual is an essential book for all Circle Orboros players. It contains everything you need to know about the faction’s narrative origins, playstyle and tactics. Readers will find a complete listing of all current warlocks and warbeasts released to date, plus an additional two new warlocks, character war beast, and a selection of core units and solos. A great companion for new players getting started or long time fans just looking to stay up to date.

Kaya the Wildheart

The newest incarnation of one of the original Circle Orboros warlocks, Kaya will be gracing tabletops soon. With the honour of being only the second warlock in Circle Orboros to have the spell Synergy, and the only one who can field any type of warbeast in her battlegroup. A master of hit-and-run tactics, Kaya the Wildheart also boasts skills and feats that greatly enhance her army’s defence and allows free movement through enemy models without taking free strikes. Players will find she pairs exceptionally well with Circle’s heavy-hitting melee warbeasts like Satyrs, Ghetorix, Feral Warpwolves and Warpwolf Stalkers. Her focus on large battlegroups means she benefits greatly from units like Shifting Stones and the Druid Wilder.

Una the Skyhunter

Taking her place amongst the factions warlocks is Una. Now dubbed Skyhunter, she’s come a long way since her initial introduction as character solo Una the Falconer. Boasting a mastery over the winged warbeasts of the Circle, her abilities grant her battlegroup warbeasts with Flight Sprint, while her Birds of Prey ability grants her battlegroup Griffons Flank. Coupled with her warlock feat, which grants all friendly flying models additional speed and protects them from melee attacks, it becomes clear why she is known as a master of the skies. Players should find she works well with a large number of Griffon light warbeasts like Scarsfells, Rotterhorns and Razorwings


Rounding out the releases for Orboros this month is the brand new character warbeast known as Loki. With skills like Boasting Drag, Shield Guard, and two new Controlled Warping abilities that grant him the ability to ignore concealment and cover or become immune to combined ranged and melee attacks. Loki really excels at being a thorn in an opponent’s side. As the personal warbeast of Tanith the Feral Song, he pairs perfectly with that warlock on the tabletop, giving players who purchased the latest battlegroup box an easy option to add to that force. Given his abilities, he should also do nicely with other warlocks like Kromac, Champion of the Wurm, Kaya the Moonhunter and even Kaya the Wildheart.

Thorn Gun Mages

The Thorn Gun Mages are a new mercenary gun mage unit recently created with the release of MK.III. They offer versatile firepower to both Cygnar, and Protectorate of Menoth armies as well as being a good option for players fielding a stand alone Mercenary army. Each model has dual magelock pistols, giving them a high rate of fire both individually and as an overall unit – pumping out six shots per activation!  Combined with the unit’s three ammo-type abilities and a wicked special attack, the Thorn Gun Mages have a versatile set of tools for their commanders to employ.

Colbie Sterling, Leader of the BRI

Another new addition for the Mercenary faction, character solo Colbie Sterling is inspired by the characters from the Skull Island eXpeditions novel Black Dogs. A skilled Jack Marshal, mechanik and fighter, Colbie Sterling can fill a number of important battlefield roles. Skills like Drive: Reposition, Repair and Mechanikally Adept make her a valuable asset to any army taking a valuable warjack, even non-mercenary ones. In particular, she should work quite well  with ranged warjacks like the Mule, Rover or Vanguard. We don’t think players will have much trouble fitting this versatile solo figure into their army lists.

Horgle the Anvil

Last but not least we have Horgle the Anvil, representing the popular Trollbloods faction. Now a full warlock, the former character solo Horgle Ironstrike  has mastered the fiery elemental powers of the forge. Thanks to spells like Firestarter and Consuming Flames, Horgle has plenty of ways to lay waste to his enemies, usually in some massive fiery inferno. These flaming powers combine well with his feat, Stoking the Flames, which gives models boosted attack and damage rolls against enemy models who are on fire in his control range. Trollkin warriors will want to stay close by too, as he can use a spell to prevent knockdown within his control range as well, making their Tough advantage even more potent. We assume you’ve noticed this guy really loves fire, so the fact that he pairs well with models like the Northkin Fire Eaters and the Pyre Troll should come as no surprise.

As you can see, heaps of awesome stuff is due to arrive for keen players soon. There’s still time for Pre-Orders if you haven’t placed one already. There’s also plenty more information to come on the next wave of releases in the near future, so keep an eye on this space.

Images and product information provided by Privateer Press. All Rights Reserved

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