Bulletin – ICO Analyses Games on Kickstarter

Consulting firm ICO Partners has published a fantastic overview of how games fared on the famous crowdfunding platform Kickstarter last year.

While video games are part of the analysis, the focus is heavily on the traditional games we all know and love. The article shows a lot of promising trends despite an overall downturn in the amount of money pledged compared to previous years. In particular, the information presented shows that while larger scale board games and wargames didn’t fare quite as well, there seems to be an increased amount of support for smaller projects and independent production.

“…Over the years, Tabletop games have become the crown jewel of the Games category on Kickstarter. More projects got funded (+21%) for a larger total amount of money (+18%) than in the previous year, with more than $100m pledged to successful projects.

Recently, in a Polygon article about the upcoming PAX unplugged, the ICV2 estimate of $1.2bn for the size of the tabletop North American market was mentioned. If we estimate the market has grown a bit since that estimate, say $1.4bn, and if North America represents 45% of that market (making up numbers here, just for the thought exercise), that’s a $3.1bn global market. With $100m a year on Kickstarter, that’s 3% of the whole market transaction happening solely through Kickstarter. My estimates are of course very shaky, but they’re not totally unrealistic. That percentage is likely to be even higher when considering purely the North American market, which has historically been more culturally friendly to crowdfunding…”

There’s heaps of info to delve into there with some great graphs showing what looks to be a continuation of the board and card game boom we’ve been experiencing these last few years. We highly recommend you check out the full article here.

Source: ICO Partners


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