Bulletin – X-Wing 101

Fantasy Flight Games has just started an excellent series of articles focused on helping new players get started with their popular X-Wing Miniatures game.

Now that the game has been around awhile there is a huge wealth of available miniatures and cards for new players to choose from. Recognising that this may be a daunting prospect for new comers, this new series aims to help those  players choose their purchases more wisely.

This first article looks at an Imperial list using just the original core set and three other expansion sets. While a great way to start for new players, it also has a wealth of information in there for people looking to build a simple Imperial List. Have a read of the excerpt below and follow the link if you’d like to read further.

Are you new to X-Wing? Did you get the Core Set, fall in love with the game’s fast-paced dogfights, and now you’re looking to take your next step? Or maybe you’ve seen others play it, and you’ve wondered what it would take for you to play the game at the level you’d enjoy?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions—or you’re looking to grow your local player community—then we welcome you to our X-Wing™ 101 series of articles!

In our X-Wing™ 101 articles, we turn to different members of the fan community and ask them, “If your friend was interested in getting into X-Wing for 101 USD, what sort of squad would you recommend building? What purchases would you recommend?”

Today, we put the question to Zach Bunn, a multiple X-Wing Regional winner and founding member of Team Covenant. As an avid tournament player and a fan of the Empire, Zach offers a squad that aspiring Imperial players can throw together on a tight budget and still fly to great effect…

Check the full article out here.

Source: Fantasy Flight Games


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