Bulletin – Spartan Teases New Dystopian Wars Releases

With their recent Dystopian Wars Kickstarter Campaign now complete, Spartan Games have started to release a few more details about the things we’ll be seeing in the future. In a recent article, Spartan have published a very extensive preview of the exciting things to come:

“…Our Core Nation Expansion Boxes are an important part of the Kickstarter Campaign, appealing as they do to many thousands of existing Dystopian Wars players around the world. The new models inside these boxes have been chosen by our rules writers as an important expansion which either adds ‘narrative flavour‘ to an existing fleet or plug a tactical ‘gap’ for that Nation.

The first models we have elected to make are a mix of either Naval or Aerial and the following narrative text and images will bring you up to speed on what we have developed for the Core Seven Nations.

We’d heartily recommend that you review this blog as it details over 20 cool new models which are coming your way, models which will bring enhanced capability to your Core Nation and a dose of devastation to your enemies!…”

Heaps more details can be found here.

Source: Spartan Games


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