Plast Craft Games – New Fukei Scenery

Purveyors of fine miniature scenery Plast Craft Games have announced a few new additions to their existing Fukei range of pre-painted scenery. They’ve also made a few changes, with some kits now including HDF parts alongside PVC. Receiving the popular ColorED treatment, we think these new additions will prove quite popular for anyone running 28mm Japanese themed wargames or RPGs.


The Yagura is a simple tower structure standing about 19.5cm talls. It features a removable roof and well designed sloped walls to help it stand out. Probably one of the most versatile pieces of terrain amongst these new releases, we can see this being useful for not only a number of positions on the table – but also almost any other fantasy games of a matching scale.


The Romon represents a more thematic tower option. With a wider footprint and more room underneath, this tower comes in a little shorter at 18.7cm. The style perfectly matches some of the previously released parts from this range, meaning existing collectors shouldn’t have any issues fitting this into their table. It should prove a popular option for filling out a sparse tabletop, if a little less versatile for games of a different theme.

Sanmon Gate

Plast Craft Games have made extensive use of the newly added HDF for this kit, allowing them to create the striking Sanmon gate in fine detail. Almost as wide as it is tall (about 23cm) this big box set will make a fantastic feature piece for gamers.

Castle Walls

Designed to combine with the other pieces in the ranges, these Castle Walls are a great way to build some interesting set pieces for your wargames. Each set comes with two identical wall kits, with each measuring 18.8cm across. The rear facing side of each wall features a small sturdy walkway, allowing a little more verticality than scenic walls often do. This should enable people to build pretty impressive structures quite easily and the simple design enables quite a lot of versatility when it comes to placement.

Castle Gate – Front
Castle Gate  – Rear

While those walls are great on their own, they become more impressive once you combine them with the new Castle Gate. Standing an impressive 17cm tall with a highly detailed design, it should work just as well without the other scenery pieces as it does on it’s own. Although it’s one of the larger pieces in the collection, what makes this one stand out are the small details, like the functional double doors at the entrance and the small awnings at the rear.

Sumi Tower

Definitely a standout, the Sumi Tower nicely rounds out the rest of the releases. At an impressive 23cm tall it should also provide a great option either standing on it’s own or connected to other pieces using the walls. Expanding on the details further, the open windows and sloped roofs stop this piece from feeling too ‘boxy’.

The Combined Pieces really make for an impressive table.

We really like the look of all these new pieces from Plast Craft Games, making not only a fine addition to an already impressive collection but also pushing themselves a little bit more. The addition of HDF in the kits definitely offers an improvement and should give them a few more options when it comes to designing future kits in this and the other ranges they produce. Pre-Orders have started for all the upcoming sets and we should see them hit our shores sometime next month.

We can’t wait to see what they do next!

Images provided by Plast Craft Games. All Rights Reserved.

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