Bulletin – D&D Live Stream

Live streaming has it’s origins in video games but more recently we’ve begun to see more and more traditional board, card and roleplaying games start to take advantage of this new medium.

Taking a big lead is Wizards of The Coast, who have been delivering a Dungeons and Dragons live stream called “Dice, Camera, Action” for the past few years, with each subsequent series focusing on their latest campaign setting. Having wrapped up an epic Curse of Strahd Campaign last year, they’ve now moved on to the latest module – Storm King’s Thunder. The new story started a few weeks back but you can catch up with the latest campaign starting here:

Streams like this are a great way for players and dungeon masters to get an inside look into how a game is played.

As with a lot of streaming services, the timing isn’t the best for us here in Australia, but if you’re keen you can watch the streams live every Wednesday 11:00am – 1:00pm AEDST. For everyone else, you can always find the latest episodes on their YouTube page here.

Source: Wizards of the Coast via YouTube and Twitch


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