Bulletin – Pandemic: Iberia Review

Chris Wray from The Opinionated Gamers has written a detailed review on the latest iteration of the popular board game series Pandemic.

Released a few months back, Pandemic: Iberia is a new twist on the old favourite, still pitting players against the spread of dangerous infections but at a smaller scale and a lower availability of technology.

“…There’s obviously an all-new map featuring the Iberian Peninsula.  The map has fewer places to travel than in the original game, but it is also initially a bit more difficult to travel between parts of the map.  Whereas in Pandemic you can fly around the world, here, that technology was not yet invented, so the only way to fast travel at the start of the game is by ship, which allows movement between port cities.  But fear not: players can make it easier to travel by building railway lines!  This simple change creates a new layer of strategy.

Throw in the clever historic scenarios, and fans of Pandemic will like where Matt Leacock and Jesus Torres Castro have taken the game…”

Read Chris’ full review here.

Source: The Opinionated Gamers


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