Abteilung 502 – New Products Announced

Oil Paint masters Abteilung 502 have announced a brand new range of colours to add to their extensive range. Coupled with this is what looks to be a great beginner’s guide to oil painting and a new range of high quality Kolinsky brushes.

Painting advice and tutorials are always a much sought after commodity lately – with so many new products and techniques now available to us it can be a little daunting without guidance. Seeking to demystify oil painting techniques, Mastering Oils 1 – Oil Painting Techniques on AFVS is the first in a master series of books dealing with all the techniques necessary to control oil painting. Master modeller Joaquín García Gázquez promises to guide us though how to use oils in the correct way – covering important aspects including: mixing, application and tools. This first book will use armoured fighting vehicles as an example, with extensive step by step guides that promise to be useful for almost any scale modeller.

Mastering Oils 1 – Oil Painting Techniques on AFVS

The new range of oils are very exciting, with a big focus on bright pigments for fantasy and science fiction applications. These colours should be a great asset to wargamers, the new colours should prove useful to those looking at expanding into oil paints as a primary paint medium – or even just looking to explore some oil wash techniques. Have a look at some of the awesome new colours in the gallery below.

If you’re looking for value, it’ll be hard to go past the new sets they’ve announced. With the Fantasy & Sci-Fi Colours Set focused entirely on the new range of colours to help you get started. Aiming to provide the basic colours to paint everything from space ships to fantasy creatures, mixed together. Based on the paints provided, you should be able to mix these pigments and achieve a wide variety of colours without having to buy other specific paints.

Fantasy & Sci-Fi Colors Set

The Base Colour Alteration aims to do exactly what it says on the box. Providing the paints needed for alteration over tones like grey, yellow and green. Experienced painters should also be able to utilise them for clean and cohesive camouflage patterns. A perfect partner with the new book and a good way to get started with oil painting as a general practise.

Base Color Alteration Set

Rounding out the range, we have the Leather and Wood Colours Set – a collection of some great colours for painting the more mundane things on our tabletop. This set should prove quite valuable to painters who really want that realistic look – but with enough contrast to help the subject still stand out from a distance. Painters who use oil paints as a wash will probably find a lot to use here as well, with a nice distribution of natural analogous tones – perfect for shading terrain and/or miniatures.

Leather and Wood Colors Set

Finally, a new range of high quality paint brushes has also been announced. Those well versed in the modelling field should recognise the Marta Kolinsky name, renowned as one of the best sable hair bristles available. The new offering from Abteilung 502 will come in a wide variety of sizes well suited to a great number of practical applications. Good paint brushes can be hard to get so it’s exciting to have such a prestigious name so readily available in the near future. Those who like to distinguish themselves will also enjoy the new brush kits they’ll be releasing too, with one for both the new Kolinsky range and their original Abteilung brushes – all wrapped up in a fancy case for safe storage and transport.

If you’ve been curious about oil paints but found the colours a bit limited or even if you just weren’t sure where to start – these new products on the way in the coming months might just be the best way for you to begin.

Images and product information provided by Abteilung 502. All rights reserved.

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