Bulletin – Balance in X-Wing & Wargames

More analysis of X-Wing this week, as Bell of Lost Souls takes us through an editorial look at how Fantasy Flight Games has been managing the balance of the game so far. Offering insight into not only the way things might go for the future of the game, the article is an interesting think piece looking at game balance across wargames as a whole.

“…Board games have had this problem as long as they’ve existed. In chess, which has a perfectly symmetrical board with identical resources for each player, there’s still a tournament requirement for players to swap between black and white to even out the advantages of going first or second. Go is even more symmetrical, with its neutral board and nondescript pieces. Yet competitive Go gives a handicap to the player who goes second, and the handicap is adjusted depending upon the size of the board and the relative skill of the players. In other words, even these classic, symmetrical board games need external adjustments to achieve competitive balance.

Now try balancing something where asymmetry is a feature…”

Read the full in depth editorial here.

Source: Bell of Lost Souls


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