Bulletin – Test of Honour Detailed

Following up on the announcement of the playtest rules last week, Warlord Games has posted more details about the upcoming Test of Honour. Focusing on the designers this time, we get an interesting look at how the game actually came to be. Taking us from the initial concept of the game through to the specifics of the final design – it’s a fascinating insight into how a wargame is conceived and implemented.

“…So with that idea in my head I started scribbling ideas for rules mechanics, trying to capture the spinning, whirling combat of flashing blades and sudden, bloody death.

Right from the start I came up with some core principles that remained in place all the way through the game’s development:

Firstly, warriors are never trapped in combat. It was important that a samurai could strike at an enemy in front of him then spin round and charge someone else and someone else, without getting locked in place in a static exchange of blows…”

You can read the full thing here.

Source: Warlord Games


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