Bulletin – Cancon Charity Raffle

Soldier On is a charity which should be fairly well known amongst the wargaming community – particularly for those who’ve served in the Australian Military. Focusing on making sure soldiers are given as much support as possible when their service is over. It’s a wonderful cause and a great way to ensure those who’ve served our country are well taken care of.

Members of the Bolt Action Alliance held a raffle over the Cancon weekend last month and managed to donate over three thousand dollars to the cause. Patchimus Prime painted up two awesome looking forces as prizes to give away to the lucky raffle winners:

“…Soldier On is a great cause and close to my heart. I served for just over a decade in the Australian military and have a number of mates who have been supported through some hard times by these guys – “Soldier On supports those who have served by focusing on their physical and mental health, their community and their future. We have assisted thousands as they have dealt with physical and psychological wounds from their service”. To me this event was a chance to give something back to Soldier On so that they can help more servicemen in whatever way they need…”

You can find out more details about the results on WWPD including the painting process. For more information on Soldier On, just follow the link here.

Source: WWPD


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