Bulletin – New Edition of Talisman Confirmed

In a short update yesterday Games Workshop has confirmed that they will be developing and releasing a new edition of the game. They also revealed a few more details about the recently released expansion for the digital version of the game.

“…We are delighted to announce that this classic and much loved game will be getting a new edition, with an expected release later this year. At the moment, we don’t have much info on what that release will look like or an exact date for you, but we’re sure it will be a great new edition of an already excellent game.

We’ll have more news for you as we get it…”

Games Workshop

Not a lot of information to go on there obviously, but a good sign for those interested in the long running board game series. The licence for Talisman and other Games Workshop related board games and RPGs was previously owned by Fantasy Flight Games. This ended last year and the above news is the first official statement regarding the future of some of those titles going forward. Hopefully more information and a release aren’t too far away.

You can read the full article here.

Source: Games Workshop via Warhammer Community


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