Bulletin – Dropfleet Rule Changes Analysis

The guys over at Orbital Bombardment have had a good look at the new FAQs and Errata for Dropfleet Commander released a few weeks ago. They’ve written up a well detailed article which focuses on not only what has changed but how it might impact the game going forward.

…So what we can say here is that CA is a HUGE part of combat in this system with this change. Now considering the major culprits of this are Frigates, combine the low signature with the sheer weight of firepower and you have a recipe for a 1-turn battleship killing scale of an alpha strike, at the extreme end of the potential list build. CA are all Front/Side/Rear fire arcs, so there’s very little you can do to manoeuvre your way out of it, which is a shame. I’d like to see some major restructuring in the amount of available CA and the to hit values in each fleet…

Ed Neale-Scullion – Orbital Bombardment

There’s quite a bit to read through here, but the guys have made good use of images and graphs to make the information more palatable. Heaps of great practical information for all of you Dropfleet fans can be found in the full article here.

Source: Orbital Bombardment


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