Infinity – March Preview

The next wave of new release products for Infinity have been announced. As usual, we’ve got great looking models for a good mix of factions coming our way.

PanOceania – Tech Bee & Crabbot Ancillary Remote Unit

Continuing their support of the new TAGLINE rules, PanOceania will be blessed with a new TAG pilot and Tech Bee pack this month. The Crabbot remote pilot will give a little more depth to existing strategies for the army and will be supported by a Tech Bee from the maintenance battalion. More than just a new and slightly controversial model, the Tech Bee will also be receiving an entirely new profile which Corvus Belli will be revealing in the coming days.

Yu Jing – Starter Pack

Yu Jing are set to receive a redesigned faction starter pack  next month, featuring many of the models from last years Operation Red Veil 2-player set. As with all the Infinity starter packs, this looks to be the best option for anyone looking to get started with the faction, or even those just looking at some replacements for their existing force. Three Zhanshis armed with Combi Rifles should help form a strong backbone for your army, while the Zúyong, Hsien and Tiger Soldier round out the rest of the squad by providing strong tactical options on the field.

Haqqislam – Hassassin Govads (HMG)

Building on the already popular Hassassin Bahram Sectorial Army, the Hassassin Govads make an obvious choice for Haqqislam players who are looking to gain more light infantry options. Naturally, every good fire team could use a little more offensive force and Corvus Belli will be doing just that with this release. This single miniature comes equipped with a HMG and should make this Sectorial Army just that little bit more dynamic when creating lists.

Nomads – Moderators from Bakunin

This looks to be a popular one if internet buzz is to be trusted. Filling the role of a tactical police for the Nomads, this light infantry unit not only looks great but makes a great fire team as well – a perfect complement to the existing Sectorial Army box. The set comprises of four miniatures, each with a different role. We’re sure you’ll find use for the included Sniper, Spitfire, Hacker and Combi Rifle+Pitcher equipped Moderators in this set.

Tohaa – Sukeul Commandos (K1 Combi Rifle)

The last new release comes from the youngest faction – Tohaa. The Sukeul Commandos are somewhat infamous, which is hardly surprising considering they are formed from nothing but dead soldiers! You’ll also find part of the infamy comes from how well they work on the battlefield – and this individual miniature doesn’t look to disappoint there. The K1 Combi Rifle she carries should make pretty short work of any heavily armoured foes you’ll come across – not to mention any poor cloth wearing saps who might get caught in the cross fire. New players to the faction should find this will slot in quite well with the recently released 300 point starter set a few months back.

That’s all for next month, orders should be available for these great miniatures soon and we look forward to seeing what’s in store for April!

Images Provided by Corvus Belli S.L.L

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