Bulletin – Las Vegas Open Army Meta

When it comes to Warhammer 40,000 events it doesn’t get much bigger than the Las Vegas Open (LVO) held annually in the United States. With some of the biggest players coming from all over the world in big numbers, it’s one of the best ways to look at the current army lists trends for competitive gamers. Recognising this melting pot factor, the boys over at Variance Hammer have posted an in depth analysis of all the army lists and subsequent results of the tournaments held at the event.

“…Now let’s consider army performance while controlling for player skill. The short version: Renegades won. Or well, kinda Renegades. A Renegades CAD along with Fateweaver, the Masque, and a Heralds Anarchic formation. We’re going to get to this later- “What does a faction at this point even mean?” Importantly, in the Top 10 results, there were only three Eldar players overall, one each for Craftworld, Corsair and Dark Eldar, which makes me chuckle a little bit. And this is where things get interesting: This year, the Eldar were not particularly good.

That is not to say they’re bad. Oh no. But in terms of the way I’ve been modelling army performance recently, as how much an army can expect to have it’s score modified over an “average” army based on army selecting, they fared only middling well. Shall we look at them all?..”

Variance Hammer

It’s clear that quite a bit of effort has gone into this analysis and it provides a lot of insight into exactly how certain armies are currently stacking up. With Games Workshop now releasing updates faster than ever before, this kind of analysis is a good way to look at exactly what is and isn’t working in the tournament scene.

Read the full article here.

Source: Variance Hammer


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