Antenocitis Workshop – New Releases

One of the many manufactures providing great support to the Infinity community is Antenocitis Workshop. The high quality resin bases and terrain they produce has become quite popular, and they are arguably the leader when it comes to scale accurate sci-fi cars and vehicles. Next month they’ll be sending some new bases and scenery pieces our way, so let’s have a look.

Being that there are so few models in play at one time, Infinity is probably one of the most common games to see such a wide variety of scenic bases in use. Aiming to provide more options to these players, Antenocitis have announced the new Arabesque range. These well themed bevelled resin bases should be a perfect fit for anyone looking to maintain the middle eastern theme of armies like Haqqislam – while keeping them grounded in sci-fi urban environments. These bases will be Available in the usual 25mm, 40mm, 55mm and 70mm diameter sizes.

Onto scenery now, we have the Avalon Tri-Ads sets. Coming in both a large and a small size, these kits are comprised of pre-painted MDF, etched acrylic and resin parts. There are a variety of advertisements provided to place on the outside, all printed on high quality photo paper. The large set has 6 ads, while the small set contains 9 so you shouldn’t have any issues with variety here. Designed for Infinity, they’ve been made to fit well not only aesthetically, but also from a tactical point of view. The large size is about three 28mm scale stories high, perfectly suited to blocking line of sight across your table and keeping those snipers under control. The small size still measures at around one 28mm scale story high, so should provide great cover for your infantry as they move through the streets in the heat of battle.

Metro Bus Terminus & Stop Signs

Another great looking multi-part set here. Once again combining pre-painted MDF, etched acrylic and resin pieces with high quality photo advertisements. The Metro Bus Terminus & Stop Signs kit just oozes theme and should prove useful for gamers looking to add a bit of extra detail and realism to their table. While the bus stop itself will provide ample cover for most of your units, the four stop signs are just that bit smaller – only just big enough to give S2 units partial cover. A great value kit, giving you not only a nice feature piece perfect for board edges or objectives, but also four simple pieces of scatter terrain to help you create some deadly fire lanes.

Avalon Deus Roller Mk. II

The final new piece coming our way is the Avalon Deus Roller Mk.II. Backers of the Game Box Kickstarter from this time last year will probably find this piece fairly familiar. After finding the initial designs unsatisfying the team at Antenocitis went back to the drawing board and made a few changes to their pretty unique idea. Doubling as both a dice tower and a terrain piece, the versatility offered by this kit could make it pretty popular amongst gamers. Made from the standard pre-painted MDF, etched acrylic and resin pieces alongside six different photo prints for the advertisements, it should fit in well with the existing range from these guys – as well as most other pieces designed for Infinity.

We’re really liking the way they’ve integrated the acrylic components into some of these new kits, and they look to be continuing the trend of delivering scenery that not only looks great but is very functional as well.

Pre-Orders are available and they are expected to arrive on our shores in early March.

Images & Information provided by Antenocitis Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved.

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