Bulletin – Shadows over Hammerhal Unboxing

The crew from Bell of Lost Souls takes a good look at the new Warhammer Quest: Shadows over Hammerhal game.

They’ve also written a short article detailing their thoughts on how the game actually plays.

“…If you were a fan of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower’s mechanics but felt like you wanted a bit more “Freeform” with your adventuring then Shadows over Hammerhal is the game for you. To me, it’s a throwback to HeroQuest in all the right ways. What do I mean? Well this game takes place in the catacombs under the Ciderfall District in the city of Hammerhal. It’s all about 4 heroes heading into the depths to stop a Chaos Sorcerer Lord’s plot from transpiring. It sounds very linear – go down the stairs, kill the bad guys and go to the next floor – only there is more to it than that..”

Adam Harry – Bell of Lost Souls

The full article is available here.

Source: Bell of Lost Souls


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