Privateer Press – March Releases

With all the new releases for February already gracing store shelves worldwide, it’s time to look ahead at what’s coming up next month from Privateer Press. Players of the Cygnar and Legion of Everblight factions will be well served this month, with not only new Forces books but some great miniatures too.

The new Forces books for both factions look to bring all the latest lore and tactical information to players hands in the usual high quality package. Collectors will be happy with the Hard Cover options, while the Soft Cover versions will serve those looking for just the meaty info contained within. Cygnar players will find two new Warcasters, a new character Warjack, and a selection of core units and solos now at their disposal – in addition to all the stuff released so far. Legion collectors will be similarly treated to two new warlocks, a new character Warbeast, core units, solos and everything else released to date.

Cygnar – Captain Allison Jakes

Lieutenant Allison Jakes receives a promotion to Captain for the new edition, granting her decent buffs to all of her skills and some new tricks to surprise opponents. Now a full Warcaster, she brings plenty of abilities that increase the effectiveness of her Warjacks to the table. While a solid pair with heavy-hitting Warjacks like the Centurion and Hammersmith, she should also be right at home with units like Sword Knights.

Cygnar – Brickhouse

Cygnar’s new heavy character Warjack Brickhouse couldn’t be more aptly named, Major Beth Maddox has chosen her personal Warjack well with this guy. Able to shrug off even the most brutal of attacks as he moves swiftly into melee. His Force Lock ability should prove very effective at holding his enemies in place before he follows up with brutal attacks from his power maul and mango fist. Pairing well with almost any hard-hitting warcaster, players fielding Lord Commander Stryker, Captain Jeremiah Kraye or Captain E. Dominic Darius should find a good match here. For newer players, he should also prove a quick and easy follow up purchase if you’ve dipped into the recent Battlegroup box set.

Mercenaries – Caine’s Hellsingers

Following the events in the novel Mark of Caine, Allister Caine now leads the remnants of the Black 13th Strike Force gun mage unit. Now called Caine’s Hellsingers, this three man unit boast the Partisan ability, allowing them to be used across both Mercenary and Cygnar armies. A key strength of this unit will be laying down a whirlwind magelock fire, bringing  death and destruction to their enemies. Caine himself will also be getting a nifty new ability called Witch Mark. In essence this new ability gives him bonuses on certain spells like Calamity after he’s made a successful shot at an enemy. These great looking models should prove quite useful as either Mercenaries or part of an expanding Cygnar force.

Legion of Everblight – Fyanna, Torment of Everblight

Next in the long line of character solos receiving a well earned promotion is Fyanna the Lash. Now known as the fierce warlock: Fyanna Torment of Everblight, she excels in using spells to enhance the existing strengths of the army around her. Her spells Fury and Flesh boost the armies attacking and defensive power respectively, while her feat; Unstoppable Tide will provide a great upgrade to the already impressive DEF values the Legion is famous for. The perfect all-rounder Warcaster, she stands to pair well with heavy hitting Blighted Nyss Swordsmen or even Zuriel, while being just as effective with high-DEF models such as the Neraph or the Angelius.

Legion of Everblight – Kallus, Devastation of Everblight

No longer the wrath of Everblight, Kallus’ near destruction by a dragon has caused him to mutate into a destructive new form. Now known as Kallus Devastation of Everblight, he brings forth the dragon’s full destructive potential to his Warbeasts and troops with spells such as Battle Lust and Overrun. Fittingly named, his new feat Dragon Breath should send opponents running for the hills when combined with his Field Marshal ability – granting Continuous Fire to the melee weapons of Warbeasts in his battlegroup. He should match up well with Warbeasts like Scythean and Carnivean, as well as units like the Blighted Nyss Swordsmen and/or Raptors, enhancing their heavy hitting potential.

Legion of Everblight – Azrael

Legion’s new Warbeast Azrael is the personal companion to Kryssa and stands to create some interesting options on the table. His spears are deceptively powerful, featuring  POW 17, RNG 10, Continuous Effect: Fire and Critical Smite! Combine this deadly weapon with his Reload ability and you’ll see this beast expending one fury to double up and throw again. Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight makes a good choice to pair him with, granting him additional defence when on the table together – an obvious choice for players expanding from the new battlegroup box. Existing players should also find him combining well with other warlocks like Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight, Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight or Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight.

So much to look forward to there, with plenty of great expansions to these existing armies. Pre-Orders are available for those looking to secure any of these new release items due next month.

Images and Product Information provided by Privateer Press Inc. All Rights Reserved

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