Bulletin – X-Wing 101: Fly Casual

Continuing their X-Wing 101 series of articles focused on building lists at a budget, Fantasy Flight Games have invited world champion Nand Torfs to provide his input. Taking the opposite angle from last week, Nand has chosen to focus on a Rebellion list including just the basic starter set, the Heroes of the Resistance expansion and a K-Wing blister. He’s taken a more casual approach to this list, but there’s still some good insight in there for the more competitive player. It’s also just a great way to show just how much you can have building lists for this game.

Hello! When FFG asked me what I would recommend if you are new to the game, or what you should buy first if you are new to competitive play, I approached the task by imagining that my wife burned up all my X-Wing stuff: What would I buy first?

It turns out that the things I really need are templates, dice, asteroids, and a Falcon.

This, however, gives me a few choices. Classic or The Force Awakens™ Core Set? Rebel or Resistance Falcon? If I choose the old Core Set and the new Falcon, there is no Poe Dameron overlap, so that seems the most efficient choice. Classic Core Set and Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack. That also gives me R2-D2!

If I buy those two, it leaves me 21 USD to spare. Let’s buy a K-wing Expansion Pack with that. The K-wing expansion offers bombs, and bombs are fun! By the way, I’m definitely having a casual approach here; let’s not worry about competitive play for the moment.

Nand Torfs – X-Wing World Champion

Heaps of great advice for players new and old in there, you read the full article here.

Source: Fantasy Flight Games


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