Bulletin – Asmodee announces plans for Destiny

If stock availability is any indication, the smash hit success of Star Wars: Destiny certainly seems to have taken Asmodee by surprise. With stock quite low worldwide and eBay prices soring, the company has released some details about their plans to remedy the situation and ensure everyone gets in on the sweet card action.

“…The company has now announced a final limited print run of the Awakenings booster packs, scheduled to release in June, after the release of the next booster set, Spirit of Rebellion, which will arrive in May (see “Harness the ‘Spirit of Rebellion'”).  The company plans to release a third expansion set this year.  There will only be one printing of expansion packs, released in waves; they will not be reprinted…”


There’s more details about future releases and strategies in the full article here.

Source: ICv2


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