Bulletin – Dystopian Wars Story Update

One of the things that Spartan Games is aiming to achieve with the latest push on Dystopian Wars is a greater focus on the overall background and story behind the game. Hoping to make the game more than just pushing soulless battleships around a board, they’ve begun writing more material which fleshes out the characters and nations involved in the ongoing conflict. As a companion to the soon to be released starter set, they’ve released this short piece of fiction detailing the events which lead to the campaign we’ll all soon be playing.

“…More than ten years ago, as a young officer already disillusioned with the organisation she served, she helped Nikonov escape from Russian servitude with the now-infamous โ€˜Death Bringerโ€™ submersible, standing down the guard at Kerch, and allowing the Black Wolf to destroy the research base.

But Goscia did not flee with Nikonov. Her part in the ruse required she stay behind, playing a subtle role of misdirection. And for more than a decade she played a double agent game within the Tsarโ€™s own secret service…”

Spartan Franco – Spartan Games

Read the full piece here.

Source: Spartan Games


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