Bulletin – Dystopian Wars Lyceum Preview

More previews for Dysopian Wars from Spartan Games today, with a very in depth preview of the newΒ Lyceum Battleship Skimmer.

“…This giant vessel skims ominously above the surface of a battlefield, its mysterious anti-grav engines giving it a degree of manoeuvrability even more incredible than its lesser kin. The thick shadowy fog that heralds an attack by the League Crimson, billows heavily from the ornate, contoured hull of a Lyceum. Should speed and unnatural fog fail to guard the vessel from enemy retaliation, the banks of Shield Generators built into the chassis provide another element of frustration to its would-be destroyers…”

Spartan Mike – Spartan Games

Heaps of great information about the new ship and it’s role on the table can be found in the full article.

Source: Spartan Games


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