Warmachine – New Army Boxes

Privateer Press kicked the year off with a bang, releasing a brand new wave of Army Boxes for both Warmachine and Hordes earlier in January. So far, the boxes for CryxCircle OrborosProtectorate of Menoth and Skorne have proven extremely popular – providing a well balanced range of units at a great price.

Each of these new Army Boxes contains fifty points worth of army for their respective factions. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran taking up a new Faction, these great value army boxes contain almost everything you need to quickly field a complete and competitive army suitable for every battlefield engagement.

Later this month, Cygnar and Retribution of Scyrah will be getting their turn, with some awesome looking units featured in both box sets.

Cygnar Army Box

The Cygnar army box is lead by Warcaster Capatain Kara Sloan, while two Defender Heavy Warjacks and a Charger Light Warjack fill out the core components of the list. To add some specialisation, the box also features both Captain Maxwell Finn and Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator in their solo roles. Filling out the rest of the points is a unit of ten Trencher Infantry accompanied by three Rifle Grenadier attachments and an Officer and Sniper Command Attachment.

Retribution of Scyrah Army Box

The Retrubution of Scyrah army box features Warcaster Dawnlord Vyros backed up by a Phoenix Heavy Warjack, two Griffon Light Warjacks and an Aspis Light Warjack. There’s a heavy focus on solos in this box set including a Mage Hunter Assassin, Arcanist, Eyriss Mage Hunter and a Lys Healer. Ten Dawnguard Sentinels round out the included miniatures, with an additional two models allowing for you to add a Command Attachment.

Privateer Press have done a great job making up these boxes, featuring a versatile mix of great units and miniatures to get you started. These box sets will only be available for a limited time so if you’re interested in these, or any of the previously released sets, get online and order a box for yourself now.

Images and Information provided by Privateer Press. All Rights Reserved.


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