Super Dungeon Explore – New Releases

Soda Pop Miniatures’ popular Super Dungeon board game franchise is receiving some exciting new releases very shortly. After receiving a significant overhaul of the rules and available miniatures with the Forgotten King edition, the game has continued to build on those strengths with plenty of expansions and new games to keep fans happy.

Caverns of Roxor: 2nd Edition

First off is the revisited version of the popular expansion from the first run of the game: Caverns of Roxor. This level box includes three heroes, one Rockgut mini boss, thirty-one monsters, a spawn point and The Lord of the Fire Flows, Roxor – filling the Boss role. Offering more than just a few card upgrades and rules, some of the miniatures (Roxor, Princess Ruby and Deeproot Scout) have also been completely re-sculpted.

As has become standard for new edition upgrades, this set includes Classic and Arcade Mode Cards for monsters, as well as themed Treasure Cards. Anyone who missed the original release of these miniatures will be keen to grab this box set and combine them on the table with a Forgotten Kings core game.

Super Ninja Ambush: Deluxe Crossover Warband

The next big expansion is Super Ninja Ambush! Aptly titled a deluxe warband, this unique product is able to be combined with either Super Dungeon or Ninja All-Stars. Featuring three ronin (able to be used as Super Dungeon Heroes), four Elemental Shrine spawning points, eighteen ninja and two monstrous oni mini-bosses.

Players can use all the included miniatures to create Ninja All-Stars themed games of Super Dungeon, use the included air and earth ninja models in games of Ninja All-Stars, or just hire out any of the three ronin for their clans in standard and league play games. These elements should make the box set a popular choice for fans of either game.

Super Dungeon: Arena

Soda Pop is also launching a new alternative board game mode for the series Super Dungeon: Arena. Fans of the existing game will recognise this as the more competitive and action focused version of the game originally conceived during the Kickstarter campaign.

The alternate take on the series is focused on fast action between two players rather than pitting everyone against a single opponent like the core game. Each player takes control of an individual warband comprised of a hero, mini-boss, two spawning points, and the appropriate set of monsters. The players then battle each other in one of the many available scenarios, each with its own unique set of rules and victory conditions.

While the box itself is a bit light on the plastic, featuring just one miniature representing the Arena Champion, the rest of the contents represent the same high standard we’ve come to expect from the series. These components will include custom dice, cards, tokens a high quality rule book and the double sided game board – all in the trademark Super Dungeon art style.

If the lack of miniatures concerns you, don’t worry, Arena is compatible with almost any Super Dungeon miniatures you might have on hand – allowing players to leverage their massive collections in a fun new way. Players should be able to construct their own warband from either a combination of different Super Dungeon models or even just a single box set. This should allow heaps of great variety and creative freedom when it comes to how best to combat your opponent.

Pretty cool stuff on the way for all the Soda Pop fans out there. All of these items have now been released so if we’ve peaked your interest – grab a copy for yourself today!

Images and Product Information Provided by Soda Pop Miniatures. All Rights Reserved.


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