Bulletin – Dropzone Scatter Terrain

Tables for Dropzone Commander are often a very impressive site, with heaps of great tall buildings recreating the abandoned cityscapes of the future. Dan Cates from Orbital Bombardment has taken it upon himself to push the scenery to the next level byΒ creating some great looking scatter scenery. Using very simple products and techniques he’s posted the first in a series of articles focusing on how he’ll be achieving this.


“…One criticism of Dropzone I’ve heard is that although the game is tremendously cinematic with it’s towering 10mm cityscapes, it loses some of the theme when you start to focus on the terrain and debris in the battlefield, or rather lack thereof. Although it’s possible that the Scourge operate a ‘tidy desk’ policy on a world-wide scale, using a few of their years in charge to focus on breeding bin-men and ladies to clean our dirty streets (ideas are sparking for a Scourge road sweeper vehicle; the Sweepressor), it is unlikely that even in this scenario all the debris would have been cleared, due to sanitation strikes and the like…”

Dan Cates – Orbital Bombardment

These simple little add-ons really look like they’ll make an awesome addition to any Dropzone battlefield. Check it out here.

Source: Orbital Bombardment


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