Bulletin – Gathering Storm II Review

Following the shakeup of Warhammer Fantasy over the last few years, Games Workshop looks to be doing more of the same to Warhammer 40,000. Nobodies quite sure if they’ll be going full reboot on the popular setting just yet, but there’s definitely a heavy focus on advancing the lore and shaking up some of the existing stories. The recent Gathering Storm series of rule and lore supplements have been at the forefront of this new focus and the second book “The Fracture of Biel-Tan” sees some big changes for both the Eldar and the universe around them.

The crew at Variance Hammer have posted an extremely in-depth review of the new book. The review not only features a look at how this will effect the story at large – but also how it may shake up your battles on the tabletop.

“…The fluff…was not a letdown. There are some places where it drags a bit, but overall, it’s nearly everything I looked for in a campaign book, and I found it far easier reading than some others….”

“…I love the feeling of the rules, and the concept, and the ability to mix the formations freely. I’m almost certainly going to field a Ynnari army regularly, which is a good indication of them. But I don’t think the internet’s freakout over Soulburst is quite justified – I think the range limit is a bigger deal than people think it is…”

vhadmin – Variance Hammer

You’ll probably want to grab a beverage for this one, they’ve left no stone unturned and the review is full of some really fascinating insights. Well worth a read, check it all out here.

Source: Variance Hammer


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