Bulletin – Privateer Press Phases Out Printed Stat Cards

Pretty big news has broken from Privateer Press. In a recent press release, the company announced they will be removing printed stat cards from the game and focusing instead on digital distribution.

“…Additionally, beginning with new products releasing in July 2017, WARMACHINE and HORDES products will no longer contain stat cards…”

Jackson Wood – Privateer Press Marketing Manager

This move is part of a push towards getting more people to use their digital companion app “War Room 2” which contains a selection of stat cards for free and addition ones charged per faction. For those not keen on the app:

“…(We have) announced plans to provide free PDFs of all model cards online as well as to make cards available through a Print-on-Demand service with a partner to be announced…”

Jackson Wood – Privateer Press Marketing Manager

Good news for those who don’t have a compatible device and it’s nice to hear that the traditional gamers won’t be left in the lurch either.

The comments by Privateer Press are not only part of a focus on more modern delivery methods, but also a way they can keep the game as up to date as possible with errata. This is all part of their new Community Integrated Development Forums (CID) playtesting platform.

“…Privateer Press is implementing a new process called Community Integrated Development or CID, for playtesting the WARMACHINE and HORDES tabletop miniatures games. CID gives WARMACHINE and HORDES players the opportunity to playtest and provide feedback on the rules for new model releases before those models launch. Privateer’s goal with the CID initiative is to ensure players are getting exactly what they want in their new model releases by soliciting their feedback during the development process…”

“…These CID forums will contain materials required for the current playtest cycle, including concept art, current model stats, and playtest direction…”

Jackson Wood – Privateer Press Marketing Manager

The new scheme is set to begin with the recently announced Grymkin faction for Hordes, debuting at Lock & Load GameFest July 14–July 16 2017 in Bellevue, Washington. Find out more about how these CID Forums work in the neat little PDF here, and then visit the forum itself here.

You can read the full press release here.

Source: Privateer Press


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