Bulletin – Weapon Range Analysis

There’s always a fine balance between realism and game play when it comes to designing wargames, particularly the historical ones. Contributor Chris Brown has written up an interesting article for Warlord Games covering the topic, with plenty of real world insight.

“…Obviously, we cannot reflect a rifle range of hundreds of yards on the wargame table unless we have a table the size of a tennis court and we might rationalise the limited size of a tabletop by thinking in terms of ‘effective’ ranges. One of the reasons that wargamers and historians tend to be rather vague about ‘effective range’ is that nobody really knows what we mean by the term. A rifle may be accurate (and deadly) at 500 yards, but is the firer a good enough shot to hit someone at that distance?…”

Chris Brown – Warlord Games

Read the full article here.

Source: Warlord Games


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