Micro Art Studio – April New Releases

Exciting stuff coming our way next month, with some hot new releases on the way from Micro Art Studio. Continuing their support of the ever increasing variety of base sizes we see on our tables now, they’ve updated a few of their existing themes with some new sizes.

Not stopping with just more of the same, they’ll also be releasing a few new scenic products for us to delve into as well. Starting with these excellent sets of Wooden Crates.

Made from the same highly detailed resin as the rest of their products, these little crates are scaled for 28mm and should fit in with a variety of historical and fantasy settings. This increases when you consider that each crate is it’s own stand alone piece, meaning they can be used for anything from dressing up quaint little markets and storage warehouses to being placed on the backs of carts, vehicles and even on a scenic base for your hero miniature. There’s quite a bit of versatility on offer here and we look forward to seeing some of the cool things people do with such simple little pieces.

H00043 Food Booths
Food Booths

Onto Infinity scenery now, we’ve got these great little food booths coming soon. Rather than expanding on their already extensive collection of larger MDF buildings, they’ve chosen to give us a few more pieces of small scatter scenery. A great option for those looking to add a few obstacles or just a bit of style to their tabletop battles. We’ve often heard criticism that Micro Art Studio buildings can be a little ‘boxy’ and the curved designs here are a clear response to that feedback. The included signs are made of tough acrylic and feature printed designs suited to the Infinity universe.

T00098 S-F Graffiti Transfers v.2 (6)
Graffiti Transfers v2

Rounding out the new stuff are these cute little Graffiti Transfers. This is the second set of these transfers from Micro Art Studio themed around Infinity, and to be honest we’re surprised it’s taken this long to do more! Working just like any other water soluble decals, these transfers are a really simple and cheap way to help add a little bit more colour, realism and theme to your existing terrain. We’ve seen some pretty awesome stuff done with the original set of these and we’re quite keen on seeing what people do with this one as well – or maybe even a combination of the two!

That’s the roundup for next month and we like that they’ve focused on some of the smaller stuff. Big awesome looking buildings and feature pieces are great, but we find it’s often the smaller details that really sell a table or diorama. Keep an eye out for these new products in the near future.

Images provided by Micro Art Studio. All Rights Reserved.


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