Bulletin -Privateer Ends Press Gang Program

Another big announcement from Privateer Press this week, with the revelation that they will be closing the long standing Press Gang program. The program was originally focused on providing representatives throughout the wargaming community who would actively support both Warmachine and Hordes in their local area.

“…The Press Gang has had an amazing and positive impact on the WARMACHINE & HORDES community during its run..”

“…but over the years, it has grown to a point that we do not feel we can continue to offer both the Press Gangers and our retail customers the individualised attention we were once able to…”

Matt Wilson – Chief Creative Officer, Privateer Press

This will most likely come as disappointing news to many, the Press Ganger platform has often been praised for bringing new players into the game. Despite the platform coming to an end the company has stated it’s intent to continue support for Organized Play events at conventions and through brick and mortar retail stores. Their popular event kits will also continue to be produced, with a promise of additional support and premium exclusives.

Privateer Press have expressed their appreciation for the community and wishes to thank all of their loyal Press Gangers for their support over the years.

“The Press Gang will always be a part of Privateer Press history.”

Matt Wilson – Chief Creative Officer, Privateer Press

Privateer Press will continue to support the Press Gang program until it comes to a final close on April 30, 2017.

The full press release can be read here.

Source: Privateer Press


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