Bulletin – New M3-A Interceptor Stats

Fantasy Flight Games are finally giving the Scum and Villainy faction a much needed epic tier ship in the near future in the form of the C-ROC Cruiser. As has become customary, the big ship will also come with a repainted version of a small ship from the faction – in this case the M3-A Interceptor. It’s not just about a pretty new model though – we’re also getting some upgraded pilot and ability cards to increase the utility of this particular ship. In a recent preview, the guys at Fantasy Flight have run us through some of these upgrades and how they might impact future game play and list building decisions.

“…Yes, there are dice in X-Wing, and there are good feelings and bad feelings in the Star Wars universe. Call it what you will, luckโ€”or chance or fate or destinyโ€”is as much a part of your Star Wars space battles as are your fighters and pilots.

Typically, top players are able to minimise the impact of luck by way of skillful piloting and the use of effects like focus and target lock that can modify their attack and defence rolls. But one of the new Scyk pilots is willing to gamble everything on chance…”

Fantasy Flight Games

Check out all the details here.

Source: Fantasy Flight Games


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