Infinity – New Limited Edition Releases

Update (14/03/2017): Corvus Belli has sent over some more photos of these miniatures – check them out in the gallery at the end of this article.

A couple of big announcements over the weekend for Infinity from publisher Corvus Belli. Both items have been hinted at and teased in the preceding weeks but now, finally!, fans have the opportunity to place orders and get a better look at all the cool new stuff.


First off is the Fat Yuan Yuan set. This limited edition pack of miniatures and accessories is very tongue in check, having a bit of fun with the eccentricities of the Infinity universe and the fan community. It features two limited edition miniatures, three fun badges and a mock Lo Pan menu with all the background information for the character – All packaged in cute takeaway-noodle style box.

The myth of Fat Yuan Yuan started as a silly rumour among the Infinity community forums before eventually blowing out into a full blown fan base. It seems that the legion of fans who wanted a figure for this brutal and charismatic character will finally be getting their wish. This box will only be available for a limited time, Pre-Orders begin today 13/03/2017 and finish on the 03/04/2017, so get those orders in quick!


Next up we have the highly anticipated manga adaption for Infinity. Titled “Outrage” the story follows the retired sniper Knauf, who is pulled back into grand game of intrigue within the Human Sphere by an ambitious officer, Emily Handelman. Now engaged in an operation where nothing is what it seems, his hands burdened by state secrets, Knauf must battle both internal and external foes in his journey across the Infinity Universe.

This hotly anticipated item should salivate the taste buds of all those who’ve consumed the existing background materials but remain hungry for more. Promising to be a tome of adventures, action, charismatic characters – This action manga aims to shine light on heaps of the awesome stuff within the Human Sphere and the Infinity Universe at large.

The 192-page manga will be released officially in May this year but those among you who wish to get in on the action early can order it right now! Not only will you be able to receive the book a whole month earlier, you’ll also be treated to a limited edition miniature of the main character Knauf. This deal and the miniature are only available to those who pre-order between the 13/03/2017 and 03/04/2017.

These exciting new releases can all be pre-ordered now, so don’t delay!

Images and Product Information provided by Corvus Belli S.L.L. All Rights Reserved


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