Knight Models – April New Releases

It’s been on the cards for a while, but it seems Knight Models is finally ready to release the promising looking Arkham Knight Campaign expansion alongside some fantastic looking miniatures. Next month looks to not only further the Batman Miniature Game, but their new DC range of figures and rules as well. Let’s have a quick look at what’s coming our way shortly.


This is the big ticket item, a full campaign book based around the most recent entry in the popular Arkham video game series. As a campaign book, this 144 page hard back will focus on recreating many of the beats and scenarios from the video game it is based on. Not many details have been released just yet about what The Arkham Knight expansion will actually contain, but so far there’s a lot to suggest we’ll finally start to see proper rules covering vehicles and larger scale skirmishes. Those who jump in early will be treated to an exclusive miniature of the titular Arkham Knight himself holding a sniper rifle and featuring three different head options. (Ed – forewarning, don’t dig too deep for details on that model if you don’t want the video game spoiled for you!).

The rest of the releases are just a big mix of great stuff for Batman and the DC Universe.




Batman is obviously receiving some cool new Arkham Knight themed miniatures to go along with the campaign supplement, featuring a new version of Nightwing, plus a new style Penguin Crew and Lieutenant. While not new characters, they should make a great addition to the upcoming rule set and fit in perfectly with the style.



On the DC universe side we’ve got two classic characters joining the bolstering ranks of this miniature range. Supergirl makes her debut in a very traditional style outfit alongside Aquaman. He’s often the butt of many a DC Comics joke, but we think Knight Models have done a fantastic job with the design of this miniature, he almost looks like he’s actually floating underwater!


This new Catwoman miniature is the first in a brand new line of miniatures and rules designed around the concept of a DC Multiverse. Essentially, miniatures from this range will be able to cross between the Batman Miniatures and DC Universe games effortlessly, giving players a bit more versatility when it comes to choosing both miniatures and building crews. The miniature itself is also impressive, with a very different take on the character than we’ve seen in previous miniature releases.

Finally, we have some new tokens. Designed to complement your chosen characters in the DC Universe Miniature Game there are tokens to cover Sinestro, Superman & Green Lantern. These coloured acrylic tokens are finely laser cut and very distinctive on the table, fitting nicely with the rest of the range from Knight Models.

That’s it for the new releases next month. Pre-Orders are available for all these great items now. Don’t forget, the limited edition Arkham Knight miniature is only available for a limited time – so be sure to jump in now if you’re keen.

All Images and Product Information provided by Knight Models. All Rights Reserved.


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