Ninja Division to Produce Miniatures for Starfinder RPG

Ninja Division Publishing LLC., famous for games like Super Dungeon Explore and Relic Knights, will be teaming up with Pathfinder RPG veterans Paizo Inc. The pair will be producing an official range of miniatures for the new Starfinder RPG setting. Dubbed the Starfinder Miniatures collection, these will be the first officially licensed miniatures for upcoming game and are set to launch with the RPG later this year.


Set thousands of years in Pathfinder’s future, the Starfinder RPG is a stand-alone science fantasy game based heavily on the popular Pathfinder RPG rules. Players will take on the role of a starship crew exploring the countless mysteries of a weird galaxy. As a bonus to existing fans, Starfinder is also designed to integrate easily with Pathfinder, allowing players of either game to port over monsters, items, and adventures with a minimal conversion effort.

Ninja Division aims to bring fans an exciting range of pre-painted miniatures, complete with painstaking detail and colouring. The collection promises to include both adventurers and the ships they use to traverse space, both scaled appropriately to use as gameplay pieces for their unique roles in the Starfinder game system.

“Ninja Division has been working hard with Paizo to create a line of pre-painted miniatures for gamers. We are all fans of miniatures here, and lovers of Paizo’s fantastic RPG worlds. Starfinder has not disappointed in the richness of the races and designs we get to help bring to life for players.”

John Cadice – Creative Director, Ninja Division

Paizo Inc. has also announced a full line up of products for the new game set to hit full swing at Gen Con Indy in August later this year. Initial releases will include a hardcover core rulebook and key hardcover rules supplements, as well as a Starfinder Adventure Path that provides you with epic campaigns, expanded rules elements, and new monsters to battle.

“The sculpts that Ninja Division have been creating for both characters and starships have been blowing our minds with their artistry and obvious love of the genre. I’m especially excited about the ships-I can’t wait to see the looks on my players’ faces the first time I pull out a bunch of the starship miniatures for a space battle!”

James L. Sutter – Starfinder Creative Director, Paizo Inc.


No official miniatures have so far been previewed, and beyond taking inspiration from the existing artwork we’re not quite sure what the final results will be. Roleplaying Games often use blind booster packs when releasing miniatures and Paizo have followed that tradition in the past with prior miniatures partner WizKids. No word yet on if they’ll be following the same practises with Ninja Division, nor if they plan on utilising this new partnership to produce miniatures for the existing Pathfinder RPG. We’re sure more information will be revealed as we get closer to the release date.

Source: Ninja Division Publishing LLC.


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