Bulletin – Incoming waves for X-Wing & Armada

More ships are coming our way from Fantasy Flight Games, with both X-Wing and Star Wars Armada set to receive a new wave of releases.


Wave XI for X-Wing sees a return to the small ships the game was built on, with each of the current factions reviving a new fighter to add to their squadrons.

Auzituck Gunship.png

The Rebels are receiving the new Auzituck Gunship, featuring three attack, one agility, and six hull protected by three shields, making it a strong but not so nimble small base ship. The resiliance is a key selling point here, in particular the addition of a Reinforce action that allows it to bolster it’s evade dice in standard games – or provide a valuable asset in Epic Play.

Scurrg H-6 BomberThe Scurrg H-6 Bomber fills a similar role for Scum and Villainy players, with an impressive stat line that boasts 3 attack, one agility, five hull and five shields. This one is a little more versatile however, with a huge amount of available upgrades that allows for a wide variety of possible builds.
TIE Aggressor

Finally, the dastardly Empire receives the turret equipped TIE Aggressor. With a more balanced stat line of two attack, two agility, four hull and one shield – this ship looks to maintain all those things we all love about TIE fighters while still giving them a lot of extra kick.

More info on these is forthcoming, but you can get a little more detail by checking out the full preview here at Fantasy Flight.


Wave VI of Armada has been heavily inspired by the latest Star Wars Film Rogue One, with two full expansions on the way. In a similar fashion to X-Wing, Fantasy Flight have chosen to focus on smaller ships for this wave.

Imperial Light Carrier.png

The Imperial Light Carrier should prove useful to Empire captains, promising to be a very capable carrier with a massive squadron value of four. More than that though, the rest of it’s stats and upgrade cards suggest a vessel which can certainly hold it’s own either in attack or defence. The included Boarding Troopers sound like a lot of fun to play with as well.

Hammerhead Corvettes.png

Our brave Rebels get the now infamous Hammerhead Corvettes in this wave, with two included in each box. As it’s name, and indeed it’s fame, suggest – this ship should be a perfect choice for those really looking for something to press forward directly at the enemy.

So just the two for Armada, but they both look to be interesting choices, adding something to each faction they may not already have the best options for. Again, more details can be found about these over here at Fantasy Flight.

All new releases are due to arrive around the middle of the year at the end of Q2 2017.

Source: Fantasy Flight Games


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