Bulletin – New Sigmar Faction, Starter Set and Standalone Game

It’s been a busy week for Games Workshop, with three big announcements all arriving at once overnight.

It was teased last week but now we finally have confirmation that a new faction will be joining the Mortal Realms for Age of Sigmar players. The Kharadron Overlords, part of the Duardins faction, promises to be a force like we’ve never seen before, utilising powerful airborne armadas and steampunk inspired machines of war laden with powerful aetheric weapons.

Check out the gallery below:

They are a proud people and masters of strange alchemical powers. Guided by their Kharardron Code, and long-hidden from the rampaging forces of the Dark Gods, they did not merely survived the Age of Chaos, they thrived. With the dominion of Chaos receding, they venture forth once more to seek plunder and riches among the realms.


The next big announcement was for Thunder & Blood, a new starter set for Age of Sigmar. No big details on this one just yet, only that it will include a selection of existing models for Chaos and the Stormcast Eternals factions aimed at bringing newer players into the game.

Finally, we have Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. A new game aimed at competitive players with the promise of an organised play system to support it. Again, not much to go on other than the video teaser above, but there are talks of some new miniatures coming out with this one, so worth keeping an eye on.

You can read all the details over at Warhammer Community

Source: Warhammer Community


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