Bulletin – New Card Game: Crossfire

Plaid Hat Games have revealed some details on a new card game “Crossfire”. Set in their science fiction Specter Ops universe created by Emerson Matsuuchi the new game thrusts players back into the dystopian struggle between Raxxon and A.R.K.

“…players will be competing in two teams to either protect or assassinate a Raxxon VIP, while trying to determine if other players at the table are really who they claim to be, all while the clock is ticking…”

Plaid Hat Games

The game appears to be similar to other deception mechanic card games, requiring each player to use deduction, negotiation, limited information to determine who the VIP is. There are two basic roles: Agents who must defend the VIP and Assassins, who must ensure the VIP doesn’t make it to their destination. The other major player role is filled by Bystanders, who serve to complicate the game by making the VIP difficult to identify.

Details are a little bit thin at the moment, but Plaid Hat Games have promised more detailed information on the mechanics and roles in the coming weeks.

“…There are many roles that can be added to each game for a more varied experience, as well as other game modes which we’ll explore in future articles. Crossfire will be available for purchase from retailers and our own web store this summer. Be sure to check back soon for more information! The clock is ticking, and Intel is limited. Complete your mission…”

Plaid Hat Games

Check out all the information so far here.

Source: Plaid Hat Games


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