4Ground – The Legends of Fabled Realms

4Ground have announced that they will producing and launching their first stand alone tabletop game: ‘The Legends of Fabled Realms’.


Based around the popular Fabled Realms series of terrain they’ve been producing over the last few years, the new game will be a fantasy skirmish game featuring miniatures sculpted by some high profile industry veterans.

Head Artist: Jared Blando – Wizards of the Cost and Fantasy Flight Games

Sculptor: Edgar Skomorowski – Games Workshop, Wyrd Miniatures, Mierce Miniatures, Kingdom Death, CMON.

Sculptor: Edgar Ramos – Games Workshop, Monolith Board Games, CMON, Wyrd Miniatures.

So far, the company has announced two main factions; The Druggoi comprised mainly of monsters who’ve been infected by the deadly Drugoul virus and the Eightfold Path, noble warriors hell bent on stopping them. Two other factions, the Mordanburg City Watch and the Sellswords, have also been announced with details to follow soon. It won’t just be humans and monsters either, there’s plans for other fantasy race staples like Dwarves, Elves, Orcs and Goblins as well.


Taking a few notes from other popular skirmish games, the game features some very interesting mechanics. One such is the ‘Momentum System’ which builds up as you take actions, allowing for synergistic tactics to be formed. They also look to be taking a similar approach to Infinity, allowing players to take a wide variety of reactive actions outside of their active turn phase – giving players a sense of constant action. These mechanics will be combined with a simple set of custom D10s to allow swift resolution of actions and conditions in play.


There’s a pretty hefty focus on narrative game play, within not only the way the mechanics work on the table, but also in a promised Campaign System which will allow your skirmish force to evolve between game sessions.


Not forgetting the origins of the line, 4Ground will also be re-branding and tweaking their existing Fabled Realm kits, including free scenarios in all feature buildings. They’ve also promised new buildings and scenery to go along with new factions as they are introduced to the game.

Beasts of War recently did a preview with the guys from 4Ground , gaining heaps of insight and sneak peaks at the actual sculpts and rules. You can delve into all the details in the video below:

We’re looking forward to seeing what this new game offers fans of wargames and fantasy  miniatures in the near future.

Images and Information provided by 4Ground. All Rights Reserved.
Video: Beasts of War


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