Bulletin – Harry Potter Preview

The new Harry Potter Miniatures game on the way from Knight Models has been slowly teased over the last few months. If you’ve been keeping an eye on their Facebook page you might have seen a few early renders of models from the game already.

Photo by Scott Rubin.

Those attending the GAMA Trade show got to have a good look at a few of these miniatures, which Knight Models not only brought along – but also painted up for display. Scott Rubin has provided some photos and a description of the new miniatures on Figures.com

“…front and centre were multiple figures from the Harry Potter game, some fully painted and others just put together for the show!Β  These miniatures look fantastic and are beautiful when painted.Β  See our photos here and in the GAMA gallery for closer looks at Harry himself, Hermione, Ron, a Death Eater, Bellatrix, and Severus Snape…”

Scott Rubin

You can read more details here and check out theΒ full gallery of the new miniatures here.

Source: Figures.com


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