Bulletin – New Board Games from Wyrd

Wyrd Miniatures have just announced two new board games coming our way.

The first is titled Bayou Bash and features gremlins riding out of control animals while engaging in dirty combat maneuvers for up to five players. A racing themed game, it promises players will need to combine both speed and violence in order to secure a win.

“…Unlike most racing games, the winner isn’t the racer who crossed the finish line first. Instead, it’s the racer who attracted the most Fans (which are gained through a combination of fighting and racing). The Fans line the track and are able to be attacked and removed from the game, making scoring an interactive part of the game!..”

Wyrd Miniatures

Not a stand alone title, but still exciting none the less, ‘War of the Spirits’ is the first expansion for their Board Game ‘Darkness Comes Rattling‘. Introducing new Warriors, Spirit Animals and a whole new realm with associated challenges for players to delve into.

“…This expansion also adds in the spirit realm, allowing the players, as Spirits, to explore another world. The spirit realms offer all new boons to players, aiding them in their battle to save the world…”

Wyrd Miniatures

No release information has been released just yet, but players can already jump onto the official forums and participate in some play testing if they’re keen to find out more.

Source: Wyrd Miniatures


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